Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

::Mariners 2010: 14-0::

(This is a picture of a picture so sorry it kinda sucks!)
Here is the Mariners team picture 2010. Aren't they all so cute!
Well, 2010 Baseball season for the PeeWee 8 Mariners is offically over and we are very sad about this! We had a great season and met some great people.

Our boys did AWESOME this season ... they went undefeated 14-0 against some awesome teams! Our coaches this year (same as last) were amazing and the support that parents, grandparents, friends, brother's, and sister's gave these boys was amazing. Our stands were always packed with people cheering them on!

During this season B had some great times and some not so great times!

This picture below kinda sucks but during one game B was playing second base and our catcher threw him the ball to get a stealer out ... well instead of going into his mitt the ball bounced out and hit him right in the lip and B had the fattest lip I have ever seen!

He wouldn't let me take a picture of his mouth right when it happend so this picture is 2 days after, the swelling went down a ton but you should have seen it the day it happened and 1 day after it was HUGE!
(He made me promise not to post the pic on FB but he said nothing about the Blog!)
Here is a pic of one of B's GREAT moments! His coach let him take a chance at pitching an inning and he did awesome! He had 3 batters up ... he struck out 2 of them and his team backed him up to get the other player out at first! He was on cloud 9 for at least a week after he pitched, he loved it so much and he was amazing!
Here are the Mariners after their final game! They were all so happy about going undefeated this season!

Here they are right after the big win! I think it took some of them a second to realize they did actually win! Here they are after receiving their FIRST PLACE trophy'sHere is B with his FIRST PLACE trophy. (He actually was really happy I promise!)And here is his cute photo (again picture of a picture sorry for the poor quaility)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

::3 Years .. Really?::

June 9, 2010 Jeremy and I hit our 3 year wedding anniversary ... All day long I kept thinking "Wow it feels like so much longer" (Not in a bad way!) and then I realized we've been together for 7 years so technically it has been longer I guess!
Here we are in April 2007 getting our engagement pics done .. I think Jeremy looks so crazy with his hair now that he shaves his head!
Here we are on our Wedding night ... still THE funnest night of my life and I wish it was totally appropriate to go back and do it all over again!
And this is just 1 of the major accomplishments we accomplished together in the past 3 years!
We had a great Anniversary .. I wish it was appropriate to take a full day off work when it is your wedding anniversary but it really isn't, oh well! I told Jeremy he had to plan our dinner adventure all by himself and I wanted to be totally surprised ... I kept asking for mini hints and he kept telling me "Just make sure you wear something that you can get BBQ sauce on, It's a place we've never been, etc, etc" just to throw me off .. I secretly had a place in mind that I wanted to go but I wasn't going to give him any hints I was hoping the 3 years of hints I have given him would have been enough! Well we ended up at ....
This was the place I had a secret desire for! Niether of us had ever been and I heard the dessert was well worth it. We had a great time ... I really did enjoy cooking my own food and just hanging out with Jeremy, of course the best part of the evening was when they brought out our very own fondue pot of chocolate and all the dippers we could enjoy! I would highly recommend going there for at least the dessert portion. Dinner was good but kind of expensive for what you get, but it was our anniversary so you have to spend a little extra on a special day!
Happy 3 years babe thanks for a great night out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

::Memorial Weekend::

We ventured to Mesquite Nevada again for Memorial Weekend this year. This is beginning to become one of my favorite mini vaca's that we take and we have decided to make it an annual Bowles' trip! Here are just a few of the 100 pics I happened to take! I hope all of you had a great Memorial Weekend too!

B doesn't really love getting his picture taken any more!

These two girls were BFF's all weekend ... They are saying their goodbyes!

What a stud!

BFF's again ... takin a little rest pool side!