Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I am not the best blogger of all time! Pretty much summer is now over and I haven't blogged about it once! This would lead a reader to believe that we have been doing some crazy fun things but alas we have not. We have pretty much done nothing except work all summer long but I will still give you a small re-cap to our days! Just to warn you this post will be long and boring. I have no pictures on my work computer and we haven't done anything at all!

With June being the rainiest month ever I feel that we got ripped on some of our Utah summer so we tried to make the most of things in July. We hung out at my parents every free weekend we had to go swimming and soak up some rays. We ventured to Yuba with the fam over the 24th of July weekend and that was really fun to just camp, boat, and hang with our fam on the beach!

August was the same as July! Hanging at the parents pool and soaking up the sun pretty much sums it up. We wanted to get out more this summer and go camping but once we saw how much crap it takes just to camp for even and over nighter we decided swimming at the parents it much much better and much easier!

I started working for Granite school district on August 24th as a speech assistant and I am loving every minute of it. It is so fun to be able to work with the children and learn from a Master's level SLP and to also know that what I have been going to school for is actually something I love to do (that is a plus considering with my first degree I haven't done anything in that field b/c I hated it so bad!). I also started working back at Electric Beach tanning salon part time nights and weekends and man was that ever a challange. I have worked there off and on since I was 16 and going back after a year was surreal! I love it and I love that it is such a chill job and I can just hang out and read, now I am not much of a reader at all and so far I have read like 4-5 books since August 1 which is a big accomplishment for me considering that I haven't read anything except school books for the past 8 years!

Jeremy graduated with his BS in Economics and is now on the hunt for a job so if you know of anywhere hiring let us know PLEASE, we need to get him out of Discover card ASAP! That place is literally sucking the life out of him and we need to get it back!

Bryson has been the busiest of us all. With finishing 1st grade and baseball and starting new adventures. He has started flag football and so far has had 2 practices and 2 games and seems to be loving it. This year he must have gotten the sports gene during his growth spurt because he is working so hard and loving every minute of it. This is a huge accomplishment for us considering when he was about 3-4 years old we put him in soccer and he would have nothing to do with it. Finally his mom grabbed his hand and ran around the field with him so that we could say that he actually participated in the sport and we didn't just waste our money! I really give baseball and his awesome coach last year the credit to his new found love of sports. He spent so much time with Bryson and helped him understand all the rules and really work on his coordination and his ability to be a better athlete and it definatly worked to his advantage! Bryson also started SECOND grade this year! Wow that is so crazy. Of course his dad took him on the first day and forgot the camera so we have ZERO pictures of second grade. Oh well I guess! He has already had his first off track time and is actually starting back today for 9 full weeks which will be a shocker at first considering he started school and went for 3 weeks and then went off track. He is loving second grade and getting so good at his reading skills. He is one of the highest in his class and he is now reading chapter books which he thinks is so cool! He also has a NEW girlfriend. Yes that is right he had Brinley and then Anna and now he has McKenna! She is super cute and we love her to death. She is a friends daughter so we get to invite her over for swim dates and BBQ's and they love it. Although it does take them about an hour to talk and get warmed up with each other once they do they have a great time. Bryson has even written on his DS "I love McKenna" so that when he turns it on that is what pops up for him to read! Oh to be young and in love again!

We are now into September and this month is even flying by. I can't believe we have already had the first Utah game of the season and Labor day! WOW! Our Labor day was uneventful but fun. We had some friends over to my parents for BBQ and swim time and the kids loved it. We then decided to get some Cafe Rio (MMMMMMM) and watch the BYU v. Oklahoma game. As avid Ute fans we were of course hoping the Oklahoma would win but with 3 minutes left in the game they left a BYU player wide open for a touch down and a win of 14 BYU to 13 Oklahoma. Oh well I guess that will make the match up with Utah v. BYU that much better!

I have 2 trips planned in October and I am counting down the days! First I am going with my mom, her sisters, and all my girl cousins to a beach house in Newport Beach! My mom and aunts and grandma are all going for the whole week and all the girl cousins are flying in on Thursday to spend the rest of the weekend with them! It will be a blast and I hope this continues as a great tradition for the girls.

Later in October Jeremy and I are flying to St. Louis for Josh and Danni's wedding! We can't wait for them to finally tie the knot and we are so happy that we get to celebrate with them, and a bonus we get a mini vaca to St. Louis!!!

That is pretty much everything we have done this summer and small snipet of things we have coming up! I will try to be better at blogging and if I can remember I will upload some of our pics to this post so I can prove that we really have been doing something!

Friday, September 4, 2009

::Go Utes 15-0::

Well, it is official! Football season is upon us and I can honestly say I am very excited for Utah football. Last night's game against USU was awesome. We don't have season tickets and it was kind of sad and depressing watching the game at home but I guess this is something that we will have to get used to for this season!