Tuesday, March 23, 2010

::Summer Job???::

So school will be getting out in June and I need a summer job from June 14-August 14. Does anyone know of such a thing or of a person looking for some help. I will do anything (within reason!!!) but I need it to be days ... HELP if you can!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

::Catching a Leprechaun .. Harder than it Looks::

Well, Bryson came home from school on Friday so excited about the days events he just couldn't wait to share them with me. He started telling me about how the 3rd graders got to build Leprechaun traps and they were so cool and he was going to build one and try to catch a Leprechaun. So he spent all of Saturday morning finding things around the house to construct his Leprechaun trap ... Here is the trap before Lucky got to it ... ...he spent more time Sunday perfecting the trap and adding little notes to "trick" the Leprechaun's. They said things like: "This is my gold" "No Leprechaun's allowed" "Stay off my box" things like that. They were so cute and so well thought out. He made us buy the gold chocolate coins to use as "bait" for them. He set the trap up every night hoping to catch a sneaky Leprechaun but had no success the first couple of nights. I told him they are very careful not to come out until St. Patrick's eve and not to get discouraged.

We woke up Wednesday morning and everything seemed normal until we got down stairs ... We saw all of Bryson's carefully thought out and placed post it notes all over the living room floor and the trap had been disturbed. and after Lucky came for a visit!! Bryson was so excited .. we listened very carefully but couldn't hear any Leprechaun noise coming from the trap so we carefully took it apart and Bryson found a special note to him "You will never catch me!" instead of the Leprechaun we found a small surprise for Bryson and Kira. Lucky the Leprechaun had left them each and small bowl of candy with some silly string to play with. Bryson was disappointed at first that he didn't catch the Leprechaun but he quickly got over it and had a great St. Patrick's day. He even got to go to the Jazz game that night and celebrate a great win with the Jazz!

I hope everyone else had a fun and eventful St. Patrick's day.

Until next year Lucky Leprechaun ... we will catch you!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

::Catch Up::

Well, it's been a long while since I have updated! I didn't realize it has been a long time until B told me "Julie showed me your blog today and you haven't put anything on there in a really long time!" Ok B here I am updating about nothing!

Since my last post we haven't really done to much. B and his sister Kira are basically living with us right now while their mommy goes to school! Our schedule changes with them every 4 weeks some times we have them 2 nights a week and sometimes we have them 4 nights a week! That picture is of Kira sitting on B's head and farting on him because he was "being mean" in her 3 year old world! They are great together and they have so much fun together. They also crack us up on a regular basis! For now this is our life and these are our "kids" and we are so happy to be there for them and their mom right now!

Jeremy and I did a couple mini vaca's in February and they were so much fun! We celebrated a favorite aunts 50th birthday with 30+ family memebers in Reno, NV.(Aunts Kimm, Tami, Cindey, Cousin Erinn, Mom, Aunt Debbie, Cousin Kiera, me, and Favorite aunt Toni)

We got home from Reno and two weeks later heading to fabulous Las Vegas, NV for the coveted Nascar! Yes we are hillbilly and love Nascar! I hate watching it on TV but actually going out there is such an adventure you see the greatest people ever that you would normally never see out in public looking the way they do at Nascar.(Yes this is Kim Kardashian at the Nascar race!)(This is one of the peeps I was talking about earlier that you would (hopefully) never see like this anywhere else!)

Now, Jeremy is in California for a work training and it is so weird to be here without him I know now that I could never be a "traveling husband" wife I am not made for that at all! I can't believe that it is already March and that my b-day and WTW will be there within the month! We aren't doing anything exciting in our lives right now and don't really have anything that we are looking forward to! Sorry this is so boring but it's B's fault I knew I had nothing to update so there ya go!