Friday, January 23, 2009

::A little more Blond::

So I couldn't hack the super dark hair! I went back in today and got some blond added back in. I am slowing working my way back to my blond roots. I just loved being a blond and I wasn't feeling the brown hair at all!

I was asking my hair lady if anyone else had gotten their hair done on a Monday and was back in her chair again that Friday to change it back! Oh well what can ya do!

Monday, January 19, 2009

::Dark Hair::

Well kind of spur of the moment but I decided to go dark. It is a little darker than I originally wanted it to be and is WAY WAY different but I am loving it. Still getting used to it but loving it!

For 25 years of my life I have been a blonde. I have NEVER EVER had any other hair color. I have added some darkness to my hair but only in small highlights and things like that but this is a first for me!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

::Ice Skating::

On Saturday Bryson got to go ice skating with one of his friends for his birthday party and said he had so much fun and loved every minute of it so on Sunday he just kept talking about it and asking if I would take him again because it was so fun. So I caved and him and I hit the Olympic Oval for some Sunday fun. He did have so much fun today and it was really fun watching him.
He finally got the hang of how to skate on his own and once he did that we were able to skate around the whole place and it only took us 20 minutes to get around!
This little boy was helping Bryson learn how to do it on his own. He was so funny he kept telling Bryson that he just needs to bend his knees and slide his feet to the left and to the right, I guess for Bryson that is all it took to get him motivated to skate on his own cuz after this he did it!
He only fell a couple of times and got right back up and kept trying. He did take me down once with him and I've gotta tell ya it sure hurt to fall on the ice!
This is my favorite picture. He looks like an old man with a walker!! ha ha ha. They have these little walkers that the kids can push around the ice to help them without falling, he could barely use that to skate so I thought he never was going to be able to make it all the way around the arena on his own, but he sure did it and loves it. He is already asking me to take him again next time he is over at our house! What a funny kid!

::Walking with the Dinosaurs::

So on Saturday Bryson got to go to Walking with the Dinosaurs with his Aunt Lyssa. He had such a fun time and said it was the best thing ever! We don't have any pictures of him there since he went with Lyssa but he kinda told us about it and said it was really loud with HUGE dinosaurs.

He took some of his birthday money to buy prizes and he bought a huge blow up t-rex that he named Jake and a poster for his room. On Sunday morning I came down stairs to find these two cuddling on the couch. What a nerd for sure!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

::Dumb Dog::

Now ... just to clarify before I get started I do love this dog a lot and he is so super cute ... but not today.

So we have been "trusting" Marley in the house lately instead of putting him in the garage why we are gone since it has been so cold outside. Before today the only thing he had done was climb on our furniture which he is not allowed to do.

Well today he was alone in the house for 6 hours (this is the not the longest we have left him alone either) and I came home to poop and pee in the kitchen with the smell all through the house (I am sitting in my freezing house because I opened the windows, surrounded by fabreeze to try to get rid of the smell). That is not all people ... He also chewed up our coasters and chewed part of our wedding album book, yes that is right .. my wedding book. Now to his defense he didn't ruin any of the pictures just the outside but now it is very ugly and I am very sad because it is my wedding and I wanted it to stay beautiful for ever.

I am pretty much not in love with this dog right now and I am very upset that he has chosen to do this because now he has to spend his days in the cold garage, but I guess he made that decision on his own.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

::Girls night in::

There has been a change in the purse and shoe party. It is now scheduled for March 13th at 7 pm. There will also be a jeans lady there with us too. So remark your calendars with this new information.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

::Bryson's Nap::

So today Jeremy and I were taking a nap and Bryson was playing around with all his new Christmas and Birthday presents. Well, he wakes Jeremy up and asks if he can lay with Jeremy because his legs hurt so we ask him why his legs hurt and we find out this is why. He climbed in Marley's kennel (which Marley no longer even fits in) and ended up falling asleep like this. (This isn't really him asleep but I made him show me how he was in there so that I could take a picture! I can't believe a kid would be so tired that he would climb in a dog kennel and fall asleep!

::Happy Birthday Bryson Part 2::

We didn't get to celebrate Bryson's birthday with Jeremy's family until yesterday so this kid is not only the most spoiled kid ever he also gets birthday parties all year. I have choosen not to celebrate his birthday until June for his half birthday just because December is always so busy! For his celebration on Saturday we started out going to Cade's basketball game. He is on the 9th grade team at Eastmont and they did awesome. We then went to Letherby's for presents and ice cream. I love Leatherby's and want to go there all the time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BRYSON!
Here is Jeremy's family at Letherby's

On Sunday Jeremy and I took Bryson bowling for his birthday. We had a good time. I super suck at bowling usually but today I must have done something right because I was awesome. I had to post our scores just so that I could remember just how awesome I was this day. (And yes 111 is SUPER awesome for me, before today my high score was somewhere in the 80's)

He was trying to get a drink without having to grab the cup and I just thought he looked silly!
(I have tons more pics but they are on a disposable camera we found at home that I wanted to get used up to find out what other pics on there!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Oh my this kid is so funny. He makes Jeremy and I laugh so hard when he is with us. I just wanted to post about a couple of funny things he has done lately mainly because I don't want to forget them!!!!

He looks at Jeremy and goes "Dad, can you do anything to make me fast?" Jeremy: "Why do you need to be fast?" Bryson: "Because these girls at school want me and their friends want me and I need to be fast to get away from them." OMG I was laughing so hard it was hilarious mainly because he was so super serious about it.

He has been sleeping over at my parents house a couple times lately and the other night I asked him "So what are we going to do tonight?" Bryson: (with gestures) "We (pointing to him and I) are not doing anything ... We (pointing to him, Doug, and Lou) are going to hang out and watch hunting shows!" Again, busting a gut laughing so hard especially at his actions letting me know that I was not included in that night's festivities.

We were driving in the car and he goes "Jayden doesn't know how to sing the Christmas song with fa-la-la in it." Jeremy and I "What Christmas song is that?" "You know Jack the Holes full of Jolley." (take a moment to try to figure out what song it is ... Deck the Hall with Bowels (not sure) of Holly) We were laughing so hard.

I know there are so many more but this is what has recently happened in our little world. Just wanted to give you all a laugh at our little Scooby who I still can't believe is 7 years old!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

::Happy New Year's::

Happy new years to everyone. I hope your night was fun! We had a great time celebrating with our family at Kirk and Brook's house. We ate a GREAT dinner, played Apples to Apples, and just had fun ringing in the new year together!
Jana and Lane
Kirk and Brook
The guys and Jana
The girls