Monday, October 27, 2008

::Happy Halloween::

Well, I guess it's time to add another post!

So, since we finally have our very own house I was so excited for the holidays to come so that we (when I say we I mean I b/c Jeremy had nothing to do with this) could decorate our house so cute and decorate our front porch. Well October hit and Bryson and I headed out to the store and got lights, signs, ghosts, garland, etc, etc ... well turns out I am not much of a decorator and for the amount of time we spent it didn't look that great! Oh well what can ya do. Well I decided that it didn't look good b/c we didn't have our pumpkins out there.

With the no pumpkins I devised a plan and ....

Saturday morning we met my parents and Chull and Tyler at the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. Bryson had a blast running around trying to find what he considered "The Biggest Bestest pumpkin" he finally settled on 3 very different but very HUGE pumpkins and off we went to my parents to carve them up. We had a blast doing this and Bryson loved cleaning them out and examining the seeds. I think they all turned out fabulous. We even bought 3 little pumpkins that he wrote faces on and took one home to his sister and kept 2 at our house. One little one he decided he would try to carve to see if little ones also have "guts" in them, turns out they do!

*These are our cute pumpkins*

It was such a fun afternoon! Thanks mom and dad and Chull and Ty!

Later that night we met Jeremy's family at Spaghetti Mama's for some dinner and we were supposed to head to another pumpkin patch to do the whole thing again but by the time we all got the to resturant and got fed it was dark out side and we figured we couldn't possibly find pumpkins in the dark so we just went to his mom's house and all hung out. We celebrated his neice Malone's birthday and ate cake and ice cream and just had a fun time running around.

Well, of course we had been telling Bryson all day Saturday that he gets to go to the pumpkin patch twice and carve or paint pumpkins twice and all that jazz so by the time we got in the car to go to Jeremy's mom's house he was a little upset so we stopped by Harmon's and told him he could pick out two more pumpkins and we would decorate them Sunday as long as he didn't tell anyone what we did! Well he kept the secret and Sunday morning he finished those last 2 pumpkins and now our front porch is complete!

Sorry this is such a boring post but to me the weekend was fun and nothing else has happened since the last time I posted so this is what you get!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

::A Post About Everything::

Bryson cleaning up for the night after a day of hunting!!

Well, I have not posted anything in a while so thought I would get things updated.

My dad went hunting last Monday and he really wanted to take Bryson so on Thursday afternoon Jeremy, my mom, and I drove out to Wendover (I had never been and I have no desire to go back) to meet up with my dad. We had lunch at the fabulous Rainbow casino, what a place, and then Jeremy, my mom and I drove away and watched Bryson climb in the truck and head off with Grandpa Doug. It was kinda sad and I was really nervous b/c I wanted him to be so good the whole weekend. Well, my dad said he was awesome, loved every minute of it. He kept himself entertained by shooting his bb gun, riding his 4 wheeler, and catching lizards. He woke up early with the men every morning (like 5 am early) and put himself in bed every night when he was ready (why can't he do this at home?). I was so proud of him and my dad took tons of pics I just need to get them developed to a cd b/c they are on a disposable camera so once I have them I will post them for you! Well here are the pics I promised
He was so tried every night!!

With a free weekend Jeremy and I decided to just hang out and really do nothing. We went to Happy Sumo Friday night which was really good. I don't eat sushi but they have a Buffalo Roll made with chicken that was amazing and I felt really cool and part of the group eating my fake sushi with everyone. We headed to the Utah game on Saturday night with Dan and Julie, GO UTES!! Gotta love them. We then pretty much did nothing and laid around all day Sunday waiting for Bryson to get home and hear about his first Hunting trip.

**On our way home Sunday night I look in the back seat and Bryson was crying and we couldn't figure out why, we finally got it out of him and he said "I miss hunting and I miss Frank (the lizard he caught) and I want to be in my sleeping bag next to Doug!!!" Isn't that so cute!**

Well, this week has been kind of uneventful, I had a big test on Wednesday so I just spent the first 3 days of the week studying my brains out and then last night we headed to the Utah v. Oregon game which was great! We both have a test tomorrow morning so we are just staying home tonight to study somemore and tomorrow we will be going bowling with some friends so that should be exciting!

Nothing more to really add!!!

::WAHOO .... GO UTES ...::

We love the Utes and I am so happy they won last night, what a game. Of course I was into the game at first and then I got bored (as always) b/c they were totally sucking it up but they pulled it off and they are now 6-0. Gotta love the Utes.!!!