Tuesday, October 20, 2009

::Josh and Danielle October 17, 2009::

The day has finally arrived. After announcing their engagement more than 1 year ago Josh and Danielle finally tied the knot! Jeremy and I left for St. Louis, MO on Thursday October 15 so we could be there to celebrate their special day!

This trip did not start out great for me! I had to wake up at 4 am to catch my 7 am flight. Most of you know I am not a morning person by any means so this did not make me happy! Well we made our flight and found out that our straight thru flight was now changed and going to be making a lay over in Atlanta for an hour. AAAHHHHH I hate lay overs especially when I have to fly over my destination to make it there! Well we were delayed in SLC for 45 min b/c of some "technical difficulties" a excuse me what does this mean? Any who ... We made it to Atlanta with time to eat lunch only to find out our flight there was delayed an hour and a half .... AAAAHHHHHHH seriously ... I have now been up since 4 am UT time and find out my flight was supposed to land in St. Louis by 2:40 pm (just enough time to take a nap before the Bachelorette/Bachelor parties) and we now are not landing until 4ish. This super sucks b/c Jeremy still has to head to Men's Warehouse to get his tux! Well we finally made it to our hotel at 6 pm Thursday night and had just enough time to shower and get ready before the festivities! I have to say I was a trooper, I didn't complain once I just ate some much needed dinner and then went out with the girls (many of whom I didn't know mind you). I finally had Josh's aunt take me to my hotel around midnight b/c I needed some sleep!

Friday started off slow. The boys went out to celebrate with Josh and Jeremy didn't stroll into our room until 5 am .. WTF???? So he slept until about noon and by this point we had just enough time to get ready and get a quick lunch before driving to Danielle's parents house in Illinois for the rehearsal dinner. This was a fun night. Great food and we got to meet all of Josh's St. Louis friends and Danielle's family and friends!

Saturday we hit up the Budweiser brewery. We never miss this stop when we are in St. Louis b/c they give out free beer at the end! We had a great time with just us SLC friends and Josh it was a nice day right before the big "I DO". We then travelled back to Illinois to Hidden Lake Winery where Josh and Danielle exchanged their vows and had a HUGE celebration! It was such a fun night and I loved every minute of it!

Sunday we just relaxed and slept and got on our flight to come home. It was a fast and busy weekend but we are so glad we could be there to celebrate with the happy couple!

Congrats Danni and Josh we love you. Hope you're having fun in Mexico I am very jealous!

::Gotta Love the Beach::

So for the past couple of years my mom, her 6 sisters, and my grandparents have travelled to Florida once and California twice for a much needed girls trip. They rent a beach house and stay literally right on the beach and do nothing all day long. This year they finally allowed us girl nieces to come along with them! What great fun we had! We went to Newport Beach the second weekend in October and it was so great. I didn't get out of my comfie clothes the whole weekend! 

The sisters and grandparents all went for a full week and the nieces started showing up around Thursday to help finish off the week with a bang and boy did we! My sister and I got in Thursday night around 10ish and we stayed up with my other cousins until like 1 am just talking, laughing, and having some much needed cousin fun! This is how relaxing the vacation was I have no idea what we did on Friday afternoon! I do know we went boogie boarding and had a great time. Saturday we rented beach cruisers and cruised along the board walk and onto the ferry to Balboa island! Sunday we woke up and drove to San Diego ate some great mexican food and got on our flight home! It wasn't a long vaca, but it was long enough to spend some great time laughing and loving my family! I will get pictures loaded on the computer and posted at some point in time!

Friday, October 2, 2009

::A Sad/Happy day in my Little World::

Well today is offically one of the saddest/happiest days for me! How can this be you ask, well let me tell you! I have been offered a position working full time as a Speech Language Technician (which is what I have been going to school for for the past 2 years) so that effectively ends my employment with SelectHealth. I am so excited to be starting this new career phase in my life it is just bittersweet to be leaving a wonderful place to work with wonderful fabulous people. I honestly can say I love everyone that I work with and it is hard to imagine not seeing them daily.

This new adventure will hopefully help me get into graduate school next year so that I can go further with this career. I can't wait to get started and meet all the wonderful little children that I will be working with, and it is nice to know that the U didn't take almost $10 grand just for the heck of it!!!

::11 years in the waiting and totally worth it::

My husband is a HUGE Pearl Jam fan and that might be an understatement! He has literally been waiting 11 years for them to return toUtah and they arrived on September 28, 2009. I was never really a huge PJ fan, I had my fav's but other than those 2 songs (one of which is Jeremy!) I couldn't even tell you when their songs came on the radio. I LOVED their show, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. There was no wasted time chatting and laughing they came out and sang and sang and sang for 2 straight hours, they did 2 encores and then let some guy up on stage to propose to his girl friend. Who else would do that? I am so glad Jeremy got us tickets to this show and I hope they don't wait another 11 years to come back here!