Saturday, April 30, 2011

::Easter 2011::


we had a good Easter and I hope you all did too. We had both kids for some saturday Easter fun with my parents and then all day Easter Sunday! It was a blast!
Happy Easter from B, Kira, and Marley!

The next million or so pictures are from the Easter egg hunts at my parents and at my aunts house. The Easter bunny is a lot different for these kids than he was for me ... these kids got loads and loads of candy and made 90$ a piece between all the egg hunts!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

::It's almost summer ... I hope::

Yesterday was so nice we took the first official Jeep ride and loved it!! We can't wait for summer summer summer time!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


B has decided this year to play Lacrosse instead of Baseball. I have to tell you we were a little sad as we love spending time at the baseball park and we have made some great baseball friends but I guess it is all about B right!

Our love of Lacrosse didn't come naturally nor did it come easily, in fact we all HATED Lacrosse. The league sucks, the coach wasn't teaching B anything, and kids on the team told B he sucked and I do not stand for that! We were ready to let him walk away (even though we don't support quitting at all) but any league that allows kids to trash talk each other especially on their own team is just not for us right??? WRONG

Apparently that pushed B to practice and play hard and show those stupid kids he knows what he is doing and he is good. Well let me tell you the kid is good, AMAZING actually! He has his first practice tournament this weekend with his first game last night and he actually got some really good playing time and we are so proud of him for sticking it out even when we offered him an out!
He is number 9, look at him run!
I can't even get a picture of his face because you would never know it was him!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

::Gorgeous George and Rockin Reba::

It is actually pretty fun being able to have my b-day so close to my mom's and sharing our special days doing something fun like George and Reba!!

So many posts from me in so little time ... i'm sure you are sick of me but I am trying be better at keeping up with the fun we have rather than the crappy life we have due to grad school!

Mom's b-day is April 1 (happy happy birthday to her btw) and mine is April 4 so we combined and on April 2 we went with the fam to see the King and Queen of country music! It was AMAZING!!!

There have been two concerts now that i have absolutely loved and would so pay every penny i have to see them again .. Pearl Jam is numero uno and the King and Queen is a very very close numero dos!

I can't get any of my fun pictures of the show to upload but i will keep working on it (i originally took 95 but got to delete enough and now i only have 64 ... hahaha who needs 64 pictures of a concert? When it is one that will probably never happen again I need them!)
LeeAnn Womak was the opener and she was awesome as well!
My boyfriend in all his glory! He still knows how to rock the stage!
And then there is this gorgeous woman! She is amazing. I have seen her now three times in concert and each time she amazes me!
This was the song Chelle and I waited and hoped for and lo and behold ... Encore! Loved it!
All of us!
The sister!
The hubs! (pictures are his favorite if you can't tell!)