Monday, May 31, 2010

::Gambling: Yes or No?::

We spent Memorial Weekend in Mesquite, NV and had a great time, but I always wonder if gambling is worth it! We always do it when we're in NV but we never win which makes me angry ... So I ask you gambling is it worth it???

Sunday, May 23, 2010

::Zoo Day::

Well .. we had our first Zoo trip of 2010 and it was awesome. We went a not hot but kind of chilly day and animals were out and about and it was great. The zoo had the cutest baby elephant ever ... I wanted to take it home and I tried to convince B and Kira that we needed it but neither of them wanted to clean up the poop! I can't wait to go back again .. I loved going when it was colder rather than going when it is 100+ degrees outside!
B in the mole hill!

Kira just ready to play!

Kira and I measuring up to the Gorilla's
B and Kira .. she is the size of an Infant Gorilla and B is the size of an Adult Female!
And the cutest baby elephant ever!

::Mom's Day::

Well, mom's day has come and gone and I don't have a single picture of anything we did but we sure did a lot to celebrate our wonderful mother's.

I love my mommy so much and couldn't imagine my world without her to help me through everything. I will say we didn't always get along .. especially in high school and early college but we made it through what she calls my "alien years" and she is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love that I can look back on things she did when I was growing up and think "wow that was really a great idea" here are some small examples that I learned from her and that I find myself doing with these two crazies

1- The whole "you have to eat your dinner before you leave the table" now I don't make them eat their dinner but if they don't at least try what is cooked (especially Bryson who is so picky) then they don't get to eat what they want and they don't get a treat, so basically they go to bed hungry .. sounds harsh I know but trust me it gets the kid to try things he normally wouldn't and he actually does like some of the things I cook!

2- Early bed time ... now I'm sure most moms out there have a bed time for their children but since B has been living with us I have to be to work very early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so on Monday and Wednesday nights he has to go to bed at 8 pm ... even when it is light outside (which I hated when I was a kid) but come Tuesday and Thursday morning this kid is refreshed and ready to wake up.

3- School ... some may know after my first year of college (which was a blast!) I wasn't really into school and didn't really want to do it ... I kept going because my mom (and dad) always said "You have to get an education" so I did the bare minimum that I could to graduate and got them off my back ... about a year after I graduated I was bored and not using my degree for anything and decided I wanted to do something more so I went back to school for a second degree and now I am preparing to start graduate school this fall ... who would have thought??? Certainly not me .. well this is something that I push on B, I make sure he knows just how important school is and list all the things that he can accomplish with a college education so hopefully he takes this to heart and really wants to go to college!

4- The power of "the look" ... I always make fun of my mom for her "perma-crusty" but hey whatever works to get kiddies to do what we ask them the first time right!

I know there is so so so much more but right now those are all that are in my head! I love my mommy and all that she does and shares with me every single day!

Not only do I have the best mother .. I have a fabulous mother in law! I love everything she does for my little family including little Kira! She is an amazing woman and I hope that one day I can do for my family what she has done for hers!

At last .. but certainly not least the mother that shares her children with me ... now this woman is fabulous ... she is a fantastic mother and does most things all by herself. I look up to her so much and can't even describe how fabulous she is, what other mother out there would trust not one but both of her amazing children to the "baby daddy" wife??? I think it would be hard but she does it effortlessly and without question!

Thank you to all the mom's in my life for everything you have given me!

::Race for the Cure::

This post is super late but oh well! I did Race for the Cure with my mom, sister, Jenn, aunt, and cousin and we had a great time. This is such a great cause and I can't believe that I haven't done this walk before this year. I loved it. What a great, emotional roller coaster we were all on this day. I can't wait to sign up next year and I think everyone should ... take a look at this picture below ... this is just the small amount of people we could capture that were walking in front of us ... there were at least this many people walking in front of them and at least this many walking behind us. I was so impressed at how many people show up to "SUPPORT SECOND BASE!" (this was one of our favorite shirts that a group had) I will be reminding you all to sign up next year!

Here is the group we walked with ... well Dev ran but the rest walked!