Saturday, May 14, 2011

::everything and nothing all rolled into one::

i had a 2 week break from school and let me tell you it was much needed and fabulous! i don't feel like i took advantage of it like i should have but oh well!

nothing has really been happening in our world right now. we are loving learning about Lacrosse and B is having so much fun playing! he really loves it!

B is #9! i tell him before every game i fully support penalties over goals any day! he hasn't made a goal yet but that is not for lack of trying ... man that kid takes any shot he gets and the stupid goalie blocks them all :( ... on a happy note his team is undefeated for regular season which is good b/c every sport he has played his teams have been undefeated i don't know what i would do if we were on a losing team!!!

jeremy and i are trying to be healthy people, oh so very hard ... i have never wanted candy and Sonic DP more in my life!! we realized we were basically eating what we wanted when we wanted and that is just no way to live life so here's to a healthy us!

my cousin Dev graduated with her Masters on 5/5/11 and we had a celebration for her HUGE accomplishment. my goal of graduating with my master's and joining her in that club is looking more and more reachable at this time! wahoo i can't wait for school to be over! congrats Dev you are amazing and i can't wait to be part of your cool kids club!
not even half of the people at her fabulous celebration!
some how the only pic i got of the grad was at our drive up margarita window!
some of the peeps making some delish guacamole!!!

i am pretty sure we have literally not done anything else with my 2 week break other than just relax, clean the house, and do laundry on a regular basis ... i know doesn't sound like much but trust me my house hadn't been cleaned CLEANED since i started school IN AUGUST ... sick yes i think so!

today has been one of the first super nice days we have had and i am loving every minute of (it actually just started to lightening and rain ... of course!)

happy start of summer!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

::Happy Mom's Day::

Happy Mom's Day to my wonderful mother and best friend! I love you forever and always!

Happy mom's day to all other mom's, aunts, grand mom's, soon to be moms, want to be moms, animal moms, and any woman who helped raise someone/thing as their own as so many people in my life did!

Hope all you mom's get out there and use and abuse this day it is yours to take advantage!