Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::Nothing Special::

Well, I am sitting at work B-O-R-E-D out of my mind when I log onto Facebook (something I do ALL THE TIME!) and I see all these blog updates from friends and decide that since I am caught up (this term ‘caught up’ is used very loosely) on clinic meetings, sessions, SOAPs, etc., have completed my first test, and haven’t yet started studying for my second test I might as well blog about something (not that we have anything going!)

Christmas at The Sutherland’s was a great time! My parents gave us golf clubs this year and I must say we are getting pretty good, granted we have only been to hit a couple buckets of balls and haven’t yet ventured out on the greens but the weather is getting great and it is in our near future to get some good use out of our clubs!

New Year’s was spent at a bar in PC, this is all you need to know!

B is continuing to surprise me everyday! This kid is amazingly funny, generous, loving, etc, etc! He turned 9 on December 27 which was oh so very weird for me mainly because Jeremy and I started dating when B was approximately 1 and a 1/2 years old. The kid got spoiled for both his birthday and Christmas and I don’t think there was anything he had asked for that he didn’t get! His little sister Kira turned 4 on December 29 and is as sassy as an 18 year old! That girl will be trouble (well more than she is now) when she is older. We love spending time with her and we are so grateful her mom let’s us have the time we get to have with her!

January was one big blur of nothingness. I hate January in Utah all we have is snow and cold with nothing to look forward to, at least when we have snow and cold in December we have Christmas coming our way but in January we simply have more cold and more snow and I frankly hate it. I live in the wrong state for sure and I am trying my super hardest to convince Jeremy to move us to the wonderful state of AZ when I graduate! I still have 15 months to work on this goal!

School started up again in January and I can’t believe that it is almost March. I have discovered there is 8 weeks left (WTF how did that go by so quickly???) I have a love/hate relationship with school right now. I love what I am learning, I love working with clients in clinic, and I love love love all of the amazing friends I have made who fully understand all that I am going thru each and every day. I do however hate all of the work that comes with getting my Master’s, I hate that I have given up on being a wife and step mom, I hate that I can only do laundry on Sunday’s inbetween trying to catch up on readings and studying, and most of all I HATE HATE HATE that one day I will be expected to do this all on my own with no one there to complain to about not feeling 100% prepared! Some of the people closet to me know how much of an emotional person I am so I feel that a major accomplishment in my education is that I have never up and cried or got emotional at school in front of professors, clinic supervisors, or peers ... well my friends I can no longer count that as an accomplishment :( Two Thursday’s ago I was to my breaking point and I lost it right in my clinical supervisors office. From the beginning of this semester I have been feeling very ineffective as a clinician, which totally sucks because if I am feeling this way now how will I feel when I start doing this full time. Thoughts were going thru my head “I know this is what I want, but is it the right fit? I know I want to work with kids, but am I meant to work with kids?” you get the idea! Well my supervisor (amazing woman that she is) talked me down and I am here to say I am back, this is for me, this is what I want, and I will one day be an AMAZING clinician! Feels very good to put that out in the world right now! I have to start applying for my medical externships this month by writing my letter of intent (why I want to by an SLP in the hospital?) well I am not sure that I do, but I want to make sure that I get the experience just in case maybe I do, but you can’t write that in a letter so here I sit blogging instead of working on my applications and letters because I have no idea how to start or what to say! Suggestions are being accepted!

A lot of this post takes place in the past and we have much to look forward to in our future of 2011 and I am oh so very excited for all the things we have to come!

Happy February to everyone and hopefully I can continue updating the blog on a more regular basis, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!