Thursday, October 27, 2011

:: could they be any cuter ::

Bryson's aunt Laini found this picture when she was moving and I freaking love it!! Look how freakin cute these were (and of course still are!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

:: memories ::

i found these pictures on my fb and had to put them on here. these 3 girls were my first 'true' friends that i made. they were there for me during midnight cry fests over loser boy friends, they were there during popcorn movie nights, they were there during friends and baked potato evenings, and they were there to share my care packages with, but most importantly they were there to make the best memories i will ever have.

i moved to logan in 2001 knowing absolutely no one but myself. i moved into snow hall room 101 and soon met two of my very best friends that i am so grateful also moved knowing absolutely no one but themselves and one knowing only her sister.

it took about a day before shelli and i became fast friends and spent our 'freshman orientation' week together all the time ... my actual roommate was stef and shelli and i weren't so sure about her liking us but we made her come around very quickly.

as the three of us became the best of friends we went around our dorms introducing ourselves and meeting new people. during this process we met leslie who lived on floor two.

our lives have changed dramatically since 2001-2002, two of us left logan after 1 year and the other two stayed and partied it up logan style. we are all married now and two of them have the cutest families ever and the other two of us are slowly but surly working on the family process. i love these 3 ladies more than anything and i consider it an honor to have them in my life. we can go days, months, or years with out seeing each other or talking to each other but things never change and we always start up right where we left off.
dinner together about a year ago: leslie, me, stef, and shelli
in logan i believe very close the time the olympic torch came through: stef, mel (a new roommate spring 2002 whom we loved!), me, and shelli
shelli's birthday dinner (all my roommates and shelli - we adopted her like our own!)
the USU howl ... and yes we are so hott and did go tanning that same day! shelli, me, stef, and chelsea (my wonderful family best friend who came up for the fun)

thank you for the memories we made together and the best times of my life! i love you all and hope we can maintain the friendships we made in that one short year!

:: Rascal Flatts ::

this is how far behind i am with updating stuff and keeping track of what we are up to. i went to rascal flatts with my family on september 9, 2011. it was the 'original 4' and our favorite neighbors and we had a blast.

it started pouring rain a little bit before the show started so the girls hung out in the bathroom until the moment passed. i had so much fun with my family and neighbors it was nice to start my final semester off with a bang!
a lady at the gate allowed chelle and i to go out and take a picture with the rascal truck.
here's our super fun neighbor 'the ralph's'
the original 4
the sister
the blades ... this is how chelle dances because she says it keeps you in check and doesn't allow you to dance all crazy and attack other people.
just one silly one to leave you with a smile!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

:: soccer 2011 ::

the last time b tried to play this sport he was 2 years old and he refused (i mean refused) to go out on the field without his mom or his dad. finally his mom grabbed his hand and pulled him on the field and in the process tackled and took out about 4-5 other 2 year olds. it was hilarious and b vowed to never play soccer again. well we have been going to the real games and loving them and b decided to play some soccer this year. i only took a few pics but he loved every minute of it and can't wait to play indoor winter soccer.
he was the goalie at one point!
this pic was after he made a goal
and of course you have to stay hydrated.

(don't get me going on the fact that they had tangerine shirts with bright blue socks, whoever thought of that is clearly not a woman!)

:: hunting ::

it was that time of year again ... the time during the last week of september that B gets to have 10 uninterrupted days with his favorite hunting buddy ever. i cannot believe how much these two love getting out the trailer and hanging out in the mountains together. it was just the two of them for 4 days and then it turned into one massive camping trip with 20-30 people. and b loved every minute of it. jeremy and i never go because it a special time between b and his grandpa doug and we love that they have that special bond together.
nothing like a kid and his gun (yes HIS gun)

check out that special bond they share

:: fun festivities ::

we decided to take both kids for the weekend and do fun things with them. our weekend has been fun filled and full and i am sad it is almost over.
friday we went to see the utah grizzlies hockey team, super fun!
saturday we took the kids to tracy aviary and to a pumpkin patch. the pics below are from the aviary ... i forgot to take pics at the pumpkin patch.
feeding the pretty yellow birds ... this was a lot of fun.
don't lie you know we make the cutest birds ever.
i want you!
nothing like holding dead slimy fish to feed a pelican first thing in the morning.
and finally sunday ... we carved our pumpkins and made some fun halloween crafts.

we love having both kiddies and having a fun filled weekend!
he is in some deep cutting thoughts here
the 'man' and the 'woman' aka mine and chelle's
b's and kiras super cute pumpkins
look at her deep in cutting thoughts!
and there is this!

happy halloween festivities ... we had such a great weekend i want to go back and do it again!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

:: numbers of my life ::

here i am sitting at work (finally got the internet back!!!) i have so much to catch up on and so little time to do it all. i have homework, soap notes, case histories, and studying to do and so little time to get it done ... my mind thinks in numbers ... what numbers?? well let me break these numbers down for you:

8 weeks ... are you understanding the enormity of this number??? it means i have 8 weeks left of being at the U clinic each and every day ... 8 weeks left of therapy at this clinic ... 8 weeks left of writing/editing soap notes ... and 8 weeks left of teaching my poor first years just what is expected of them ... i can't believe i am here ... i can't believe that it was in april 2010 that my life changed as i knew it ... it was in august 2010 i was fully starting to grasp the enormity of my decision to go back to school ... and it is in may 2012 that i will be walking with the best of friends a girl could ask for and we will be celebrating this major accomplishment together.

8 weeks left of classes and clinic and then it is off to the real world to work and learn more. i cannot wait for this moment to come and i cannot wait to experience life out side of the boring beige walls of the university of utah speech language and hearing clinic ... i will greatly miss the faces of those that have become my family and best friends ... i will greatly miss sharing the ins and outs of my life in great and probably to much detail with them ... and i will greatly miss the comfort of finally knowing what is expected of me.

7 exams ... that is it ... that is all i have left of my graduate school career is 7 exams including my praxis which i signed up for yesterday (march 10, 2012!) i can't believe this number is in single digits ... i never thought this number would ever make it to the single digit and here it is. it is scary, awesome, exhausting, and anything else you can think of to know that i have made it to the single digits of exams!

8 months ... this is how much time i have until i walk the red carpet of the university of utah and they give me my coveted hood and send me on my way to the real world and expect me to remember everything they taught me. i can't believe that in august 2010 i thought to myself 'if i make it to may 2012 alive and well it will be a miracle' and here i am just 8 short months away. i can't believe how fast this time in school has gone and i can't believe how much it has changed my life. i cannot wait to share this day in 8 short months with my friends, my family, and everyone who supported my decision to go back to school as married woman, with a child, a home, and husband it wasn't easy by any means but it will be so worth it in the end and i cannot wait for that end to come!

i cannot wait for all of this to come to an end ... i cannot wait to actually be making money instead of spending money and collecting debt ... i cannot wait to have my weekends!!!