Wednesday, March 30, 2011

:: I hate the Laundry ::

Does any one else out there hate laundry like I do?

With grad school looming its ugly face over my head each and every day (including time when I should be having nice relaxing breaks) I have zero time to do anything ... and i mean ANYTHING!

This anything includes laundry ... i get it in the washer for the most part but i hate folding and putting away and with that hatred this is what results ....
A pile of unfolded laundry sitting on the washer/dryer ... all of this is clean so we just dig through to find what we need!

Here is our lovely pile of hang up stuff ... we also dig through this to find what we want to wear
And yes I still have piles of laundry to finish but it probably won't get done until those previous two piles are all gone because let's face it ... i have no where else to put this laundry once it gets clean!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

:: We are officially on the bandwagon ::

Well it is my final day of Spring Break and I am officially depressed and stressed all over again. Last night we wanted to make sure we did something fun. We wanted to get out of the house and have one last hoorah before it is back to the grind for the remaining 4 weeks of the semester (p.s. SOOOOO EXCITED ONLY 4 WEEKS LEFT!)

So what did we decide to do? ... We jumped on the band wagon and became fans of

B pretty much loved the game! We got tickets from Jeremy's brother so we were 6 rows up from the field and it was amazing! (sorry this is the only picture of B I took actually clapping and enjoying the game it was a little cold!)
There are now officially only two sports that I am willing to bundle up for and that is Utah Football and Real Soccer!
Real played the LA Galaxy which is the home of the one and only David Beckham. I hate to break this to all the ladies out there like me who have a crush on him but he is not as attractive in person as he appears on television and in magazines. Maybe its the uniform but i'm guessing not. Oh well at least I got to see the famous Beckham play his sport (didn't really do anything magnificent but whatever he is Beckham!)

Happy Sunday and Happy end of Spring Break!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

::Spring Break::

Is here and let me tell you how much I needed this week to come. 12 weeks of school, clinic, studying, testing, homework, etc etc is way to much for me to handle! Another plus ... only 4 more weeks of this semester!!!

Happy first day of spring!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

::Half way there::

My limited posts have been very very boring and only about school lately so I thought before I started in on the boring stuff about school I would post a few of my favorite pictures from lately!
isn't he the cutest Bronco's player ever!
This is Hailey my cousins daughter. She loves B (when I say love I mean when she sees him she loves to yell at him really really loud and he just laughs!)
We are missing our Utes so we went to a gymnastic meet one night. Good times for sure .. good pictures not for sure!

Now on to the boring stuff!!!!

I have discovered today that I have 5 weeks left of clinic (this means only 10 sessions for one client and 5 sessions for my other ones!) and 6 weeks left of the semester and let me tell you I have never been so ready for a semester to be over. I can't even tell you why I am so over it I just am.

Spring break is super late this year - I still have two full weeks of classes and clinic before I get a break :(

On a happy note I feel that I have mastered the concept of time spent on school and clinic being equal or less to the time spent with my little family!!!! Wahoo ... this is great news in that last semester I was still gathering my bearings about being back in school and working in the clinic ... this semester is WAY WAY WAY more intense however I am trying to make time for my little family. They are the most important and I need to remember that!

I am beginning the process of interviewing for my externships (scheduled for Spring 2012) yes super early but with 50 students just from the U competing with students from USU and BYU they have to get the process going so they get to know all the awesome people (i.e. me!) Wish me luck on these!

On a side note I have never been more exhausted in my life ... what is that all about? Oh well ... happy Tuesday night!