Friday, September 19, 2008

::Family Pictures ...By Valerie Hansen::

Check out her blog She took TONS AND TONS her are just a few we love. We love them all and we are going to have a hard time deciding.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, today is my Papa's birthday! He is the most amazing man ever and I could not survive with out him in my life. I am a huge daddy's girl and love every minute of it.

From all of us Dad to you ... Hope you have a great birthday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just wanted to write a small rememberance for this day! I was 18 years old and living in Logan, UT getting ready for class when I first heard about what had happened to the Twin Towers. I had never been to NY and at the time didn't really contemplate the significance of this day. I began to fully understand what had happened to our country and was very saddened by that fact.

Each year I more fully understand the huge significance of this day and just want to thank all those that are fighting, were fighting, and have fought for my freedom. To those who have lost brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, mother, fathers, mom's, dad's, aunts, uncles, friends, or any other family member's I am deeply sorry for your loss and want you to know we think about each of you everyday and are so grateful for you and your friends and family member's.

So Thank you and may we always remember this day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

::Go UTES::

Well, our weekend was very uneventful but fun. My dad had surgery on Friday morning and Bryson wanted to sleep over at my parents house and just relax and have a movie night with Doug and Lou. I got home from work and we headed to Blockbuster and Little Ceaser's and then off to Doug and Lou's. Since Bryson was being taken care of, and basically given anything he wanted, Jeremy and I decided to head to Olive Garden for a little date night and some never ending pasta bowl. It was delicious and we didn't even have to wait because they had two seats avaliable at the bar with no wait so that was nice. We were home and relaxing watching Juno by 8 pm. It was great.

On Saturday we met Bryson and my parents at their house for swimming and relaxing and of course the Utah vs. Michigan football game. Go UTES, they won in The Big House 25-23. It was a great game and such a fun and relaxing day. Also, my dad decided this is the year he wants to take Bryson out hunting so they went to Cabella's for all of Bryson's hunting gear and he loved that.

We headed up to Memory Grove again on Sunday and I have to say that every time I am up there I think of Leslie's and Tom's beautiful wedding, we loved it Les! Marley had a great time once again and so did Bryson. They played in the river together and got dirty and muddy and had a blast!

Well, on Labor day Monday we woke up the hail out side our window, crazy that September 1st brings the hail. Well, anyway we thought we wouldn't be doing anything but it turned out to be a really nice day to hit the Zoo. It was cool, not to busy, and the animals were out and about and very active. It was a great day at the Zoo. I have some pics that I am trying to get loaded on to my computer and once I do I will post them up. We had a great time and it was the first time we took Bryson that we didn't have to get him a wagon, he walked the whole time and loved running up to the animals cages and he tried to talk to them and waive to them, it was so cute. He was so good on Monday all day long that we just had to buy him a toy. Well, for Bryson toy shopping is something that causes so much anxiety. We told him his limit was $10 and he had 5 min. to pick something out. I think that most children would be able to handle this, not Bryson, when I told him he had 2 min. left he started to cry because he just didn't know if he wanted a stuffed animal or some small plastic animals that he could play with in the bath. I couldn't help but do two things, I got super frustrated that he was crying over a toy and almost didn't let him get one, but then I had to start laughing, I mean what kid CRIES over not being able to decide what toy to get. Well, he finally made his decision and he choose a 2 headed yellow and black striped snake. It is super ugly and I am sure it will find its way to the closet with the rest of the unused toys, but who am I to judge I have clothes and shoes and purses with tags on!

Well, our weekend was uneventful but still way fun and now we are back to working and school again. The Utes play their first home game on Saturday September 6 at 6 pm vs. UNLV so hopefully they win again and keep this high from Michigan going!