Monday, November 30, 2009

::Busy, Busy, Busy::

I can't believe how busy we've been this past weekend. First off can I say how thankful I am to have such great family and friends! Thanskgiving day was fabulous! I very much enjoy my mother in laws cooking she makes by far the best thabksgiving dinner I've ever had! It was sad to not have jeremy's brother and sister and there families there but that just meant more of the delicious food for me!

After the in-laws we headed to my aunts to hang with my fam for a while before heading off to the Jazz game which was great by the way! Josh and Danielle were here for the weekend and thursday night started a record breaking weekend of no sleep which for those that know me well know that no sleep for me is a bad thing but I must say I did pretty well! After the jazz game we started the count down to Jeremys birthday! We headed to Cheers to You and hung out until the clock struck 12 at which point Danielle and I sang happy birthday really loud!
Well, black friday is my favorite holiday so I convinced jeremy to come out with me which was awesome! Instead of going to bed for an hour we headed straight to old navy and waited till 3 am to get some new clothes for B cuz he's decided to start growing like a weed all the sudden! After old navy we did walmart and smiths and were home in bed by 7 which was awesome! I got some rest and then off to wendover for some fabulous Dwight!
Saturday was just as busy! We got tickets to the BYU v. Utah game and had a great time until the great Max Hall decided to sully the win and his team by saying us Ute fans are classless and he hates us! I must say the BYU fans we sat by were no angels to us but we took it and rolled with it and didn't ruin it for all othe ute fans but oh well!
Finally sunday was our day of rest and it was fabulous! I got the laundry done, the house cleaned, and started with the christmas decorations which I hope to get finished by this weekend!
Just writing this post made me tired all over again but I sure did enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

::Dirty 30::

Yes you read that right! My husband turned 30 on November 27th! I can't believe that we started dating when he was just the ripe ol' age of 23, man how time flies when you're having fun! I just want to wish him a happy (belated) birthday on the blog! We celebrated out in Wendover with Dwight Yokam and it was so much fun I loved it and thought I would hate it!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

::Working hard or Hardly working?::

Well, I have been working as a full time speech language therapist for about a month now and I love every minute of it. I am so glad that I was able to leave SelectHealth and start my new career. It is so nice to know that what I went to school for is actually what I really want to do. (breathing a sigh of relief now!)

I am loving working with the elementary kiddo's, they have such an energy about them and you can tell that they really want to be here and they really want to learn which is so great. They love coming to see me and they love working hard and showing me what they can do which is so great!

I spend about 90% of my time solely with elementary aged children and the other 10% is spent with JR High kids which is rough. The dynamic of JR High is so much different than elementary school. The JR High kids don't really want to come see me and once the do show up (if they show up) they just want to get out of my office as quickly as possible which I find weird because I am awesome! Oh well I guess that is where I will strive to be that much better as a therapist!

Between my 3 jobs and my family I have been so busy and a lot of the time feel so stressed out but I feel that it is a good stress and not a bad stress if that makes any sense! I will be starting a class next week to help me take my GRE test to get into graduate school and then the long hard process of applying to graduate school starts which I am not looking forward to but oh well I gotta do it. I just hope that it works out for me this year and I actually get in!