Wednesday, July 30, 2008

::The "fabulous" weekend::

Well, here in Utah we celebrate the 24th of July just like the 4th. I had big plans for our 24th holiday but none the less, we did nothing. Our friends Kyle and Krissy came along with Jeremy and I downtown to the Gallivan Center for a free concert, the concert was ok I couldn't see at all. My favorite part of that night was the people watching. I am telling you there are some treats there on Thursday nights. It was my favorite day. We then ventured over to Kyle and Krissy's for some bbq burgers and hanging out.

On Friday we decided to head up to Park City and watch a women's fast pitch softball tournament, it was great and hot, we also decided that we really wanted our Boxer puppy so we started our search. I thought buying a puppy would be so great, fun, and easy ... boy was I wrong no one near us has Boxer's for sale; only people so far away have them and that just makes me so angry. I want a puppy now.

Bryson started first grade yesterday and he loved it. It wasn't as hard for us as the day he started kindergarten, boy was that day rough. First grade was easy. His only complaint was that the day was "soooooo long" kids are so funny!

Well more dog searching this weekend I will keep you all posted on what we find!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

::Our first time out:::

Well I have been reading the blogs of friends forever and thought "my life is so boring compared to their wonderful lives" but it seems this is now the way to communicate with friends and family and share your life and pictures with those that can't be near you so here we go with blogging ... hope our life is not to boring for you, but hey if it is then don't look at it!

Well, let's start with what has happened with the Sutherland's before this blog started. Jeremy and Cherise dated for 5 years before they got married on June 9, 2007 in the backyard of Cherise's parents. We met at work and were both seeing other people but eventually we found our selves hanging out after work and then on Memorial Day 2002 they had their first date at the Old Spaghetti factory and here we are today. We love our lives and can't wait to expand our family more (which won't be happening for a while as we both want to get graduated and get the Master's program started before we think about kids!)

Well that is the Sutherland's in a nut shell ... keep reading for more on our lives!