Tuesday, July 26, 2011

:: 4th Grade Already ::

well b-money is officially a 4th grader as of 7/26/11!

i took him to school for his first day to make sure he knew where to line up and all that fun stuff. i was so excited he was going to let me take him but once those friends showed up he looked at me and told me i should leave. i am pretty sure i shed a little tear but i guess that is what i get from a 4th grader!

happy first day of school to b-money

(ps i hate the utah year round system and wish i could convince b to go traditional, sucks that kids have to be back in school today)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

:: wonderments ::

as i sit here at work B - O - R - E - D out of my mind i start to have some general wonderments about life

why do people take the time to post something on FB just to delete it once people start asking questions?

why do people post stuff on FB that make people as questions and then don't respond to said questions?

why can i not cook? i want to cook, i love food but i SUCK at cooking

why have i all the sudden had an aversion to CAPITAL letters unless caps lock is on?

why do i have to work AND go to school?

why have i not been camping in 2 years?

i am sure there are more wonderments, however, my brain is officially fried and i am done thinking!

happy pioneer weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

:: I Survived!::

well, i posted a while back that summer semester would be my death ... i am happy to say i have survived! now technically the semester is not yet over but i can say with confidence that i will survive this last week.

research paper is complete, printed, and in a safe envelope to hand in tomorrow.
ASD portfolio is pretty much all put together and ready to hand in on thursday.
final client paper work for one client has been submitted.
final client paper work for other client is 90% done just need final data and will be submitted wednesday.
three more sessions with one client, two more for the other.
no final in motor speech so only one more class to try to sit through and pay attention in.
no final in ASD so only two more classes to try to sit through and pay attention in.

i know now that i have written it out it looks like a lot still to do but basically everything is done and now i just need to attend 3 classes and 5 client sessions and the summer of death will be finished and i will have one more semester of classes ... can i get a hallelujah!?!?!

hope everyone else had a good and fun summer b/c i sure missed summer and i am counting down until Summer 2012 as posted previously!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

::Kenny - My Summer Boyfriend::

first off can i say i hate when i want to upload a picture to my blog and for some reason blogger doesn't recognize that it has been uploaded to my computer ... aaaah sucks!

Any way ... on a happy note i got to go see my summer time boyfriend known as

Kenny Chesney

i freaking love him so much and i always have such a great time at his concerts. This year my fam and some of our fun neighbor friends joined us in our fabulous grass seats. i was sad and depressed for a while b/c my 2 year friendiversary was ruined b/c Annie and Derek would not join us at the concert. oh well maybe next time (right Annie????)

the concert started out a little rough. jeremy and i went to get in line around 3 pm and of course it started pouring ... luckily he remembered our umbrella so i kept dry but it pretty much sucked to sit there for the 20 long minutes of pouring rain.

once that cleared up we had a fantastic time and i met some fun new girl friends ... yes they were drunk and probably have no idea who i am anymore but at the time it was fun.

once blogger recognizes my pictures i will upload some of the fun. until then here is my summer boy toy for you to enjoy!