Sunday, January 10, 2010

::Out with the old (2009) in with the New (2010)::

Well, 2009 is over and as I look back I feel that our small family of 3 has accomplished so much!

Our first accomplishment comes on April 13, 2009 this was the day we hit our 1 year mark in our very first home!

The next accomplishment comes on May 8, 2009 when Jeremy and I graduated from the University of Utah! It was so much fun doing this together and having our parents and grandparents there to celebrate with us!

The next accomplishments come as a pair really! On May 31 Jeremy and I hit our 7 year mark together and on June 9 we hit our 2 year wedding anniversary! I wish that for every anniversary it was totally legal to have your wedding day all over again! This by far the best day of my life June 9, 2007!!!

I guess after this things were uneventful until B started 3rd grade. Now I know most of you are thinking "this isn't an accomplishment" but the actual accomplishment was that B was no longer the shy timid kid in school. He has friends and even ... Wait for it ... Girl friends! In a matter of a couple of weeks B went thru 3 different girl friends and wrote love letters and break up letters. B is pretty much just like his father!!!

August 24, 2009 brings on a new set of challenges and fun when I officially began working as a Speech Language Assistant for granite school district. Actually being able to do what I went to school for has been so great and such an accomplishment in and of it self! Then on October 8, 2009 I got hired to work at a harter school so that hit the day that I started working as a full time SLP! October 8 was also a very sad day for me as this is the day that I left my beloved friends and family at SelectHealth. This was very very hard for me but it was such a blessing to work with the greatest people ever!

On September 17th our great friends Josh and Danielle finally tied the knot and we all headed to St. Louis for a great wedding celebration! This was our first and last real vaca in 2009 so that was our accomplishment!

November 27, 2009 was the day my husband turned 30. It was a great weekend to celebrate with our friends and family!

We celebrated our 2nd Christmas in our house and B actually made it to the age of 8! After the attitude he's been getting you'd all be surprised that he made it there too!!! Hahahaha!

Not a whole lot but they were our accomplishments and we loved them!

Hopefully 2010 will bring its own adventures and accomplishments! I'm in the long and gruling process of applying for graduate school and I'm hoping I get in this year so we'll see how that goes! Jeremy has applied and has 2 really good interviews with 2 really good companies so we're hoping one of those pans out! B should be turning 9 but that attitude that came out in 2009 is still here so I will keep you posted on if he makes it or not!!!

I don't like to set resolutions because I feel I'm setting myself up for failure so instead of making resolutions I simply hope that everything we do decide to accomplish this year comes true but I go in with no expectations!!!

Happy new year to all and thank you for being there during our accomplishments!!!