Thursday, June 30, 2011

::Summer 2012::

yes, i am counting down the months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc until may 2012 when i am officially done with this program and i have a whole summer with nothing to do ... well that is a lie let me tell you what i want to do:

just to visit my BFF girl while she is finishing up school!


or somewhere warm with a beach and cocktails





had plans to go in October but things fell through so hopefully we will be there next summer!

never been but friend told me it is amazing!

ST. LOUIS of course!

LAS VEGAS Garth Brooks is awaiting my arrival

and so much more!

anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on any of our adventures. i am posting the list on here so i can continue to add to it! i am spending summer 2012 traveling and doing all the things i haven't been able to do since i started this program!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

::Summer Will Be my Death::

i have had my official 'school' breakdown hit me. summer semester has been tough on me. i can't get into the groove of the summer semester and all i want to do is lay by the pool but i can't.

i was sitting in class this morning listening to my teacher talk about everything that is due in the next few weeks. my mind has been telling me 'it's ok you have until august 4th to get everything done no need to rush' ... well mind you were wrong i only have until july 19 and let me just tell you how far behind i am on everything.

to top it all off i have a super cute client in clinic and i have no idea what i am doing with said client and i am pretty sure i am making no difference in said clients life :( yep sure have cried about 57 times over said client's cuteness and my inability to be a successful clinician.

only 1 more month and i can lay on the beach for 1 whole week with zero worries!!!!!

::Our Golf Debut::

The Sutherland's are a family of golfer's now and we love it!
We all got golf clubs this year for Christmas and we love them! We have been out hitting a couple buckets of balls and we have been out on the course now 2 different times and we love it!
Look at that form! He is awesome!
I had to ride in a cart all alone and I was so busy taking pictures and watching other people that I kept driving right into the benches!
He is one amazing golfer (and guitarist!)