Monday, May 25, 2009

::Memorial Weekend 2009::

Well, what a weekend we just had! Jeremy, Bryson, Kira, myself, my parents, and my sis and Ty all ventured to Mesquite to celebrate Memorial weekend. When I was younger I used to go down there every year with my mom's side of the family and just loved it so my sister and I decided that we needed to bring back this tradition and start going again just our fam! We had such a great time, there is nothing better than laying the pool and doing absolutly NOTHING else for 4 wonderful days. We decided to give Bryson's mom a break and take both kiddies with us and I think Kira had a great time with us! I know we all had so much fun with her and Bryson. She is such a little sassy pants in everything that she does and she is developing her little attitude every minute of every day and its so much fun to watch her grow up and watch Bryson be the best big brother ever.

Me, Jeremy and the kids left Friday morning about 8 am. We stopped in St. George for our covetted In N' Out burger and then went on to show Bryson was Las Vegas is all about. Every time we go he always asks if he can go with us and then gets really upset when we tell him it is not made for little kids so we decided to show him what Vegas is all about. We parked our car at Bally's hotel and walked the Strip down to M&M world and Coca-Cola Factory and by the time we got there he was done and said Vegas is just hot and not really that cool so we treked back to our car and headed to Mesquite for some pool side fun! At least he got Vegas out of his system for a while now, he still really wants to see it at night so we told him next time we will go at night time to see the lights.

That is pretty much our whole trip and it was fantastic. We took tons of pics so we will get a slide show going and get it posted ASAP!! PICS FINALLY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

::Happy Mother's Day::

So I couldn't let today go by with out wishing my mom a happy mother's day! I actually want to wish all mom's out there a happy mother's day. I have the greatest mother and the greatest mother in law ever! This little man makes me love to be a step mom (even though I hate that term) I couldn't ask for a better life or a better way to get some "mothering" experience. He is the best step son, son, friend, and brother ever and makes being a "mom" the best. I know he treats his mom like a princess and he wants to wish her a happy mom's day.

I also can't let today go by without wishing this wonderful woman below a happy mother's day. She is both mom and dad to her kids and does anything and everything for them. She is the greatest mother that these two little kiddies could ask for.
I also have the greatest sister in laws (sorry no pics of them on this computer) that are the best mom's ever. Jana and Brook I love you both and I learn so much from you every day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

::Graduation Day::

Well, the day has FINALLY arrived! Jeremy and I graduated from the University of Utah today! What a great accomplishment and so much fun to do it together. I just want Jeremy to know how proud I am of him (I had to push him for like 6 years to get him here) but he did it and is such an amazing guy for it!

His tassel kept blowing in my face so I had to hold it down!

Here's us with both our parents!
Here's us with his parents

Here's us with my parents

And here's us before the Ceremony just being silly!

Friday, May 1, 2009

::More Love Letters::

This letter is from Bryson's first girl friend Brinley. She wanted him to know she still loved him and he made her happy. At least we know he is a sweet kid and makes the girls happy!