Thursday, August 28, 2008

::My FABULOUS sister got it worked out:::

Phew for super smart little sisters. She got on my blog and totally figured it out for me. Thanks Chull I owe ya big time. Get your blog up so I can tell people all about it!


So I have hit some button or done something and lost all the fun things I have saved to my blog. I have reverted back to the Template and apparently it should say Layout ... anyone know what I did or anyone out there can you help me out PLEASE

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

::Hell Week::

Well, it is only Wednesday and this is already the WORST first week of school ever. For those that may not know I am back at the U getting my second bachelor's in Speech and Hearing sciences I will graduate with that next May and then start Graduate school for my Masters next fall. I am not 100% where I will be attending yet but I will find that out next February.

Anywho ... about this stressful week ... well I have been registered for my 4 classes since last May, the major only teaches 4 classes a semester so you gotta get in early. I ordered my books, got my work schedule all figured out and was totally prepared for this semester. Well last Monday (one week before school started) I got an e-mail saying that one of my classes was no longer offered and I had to wait till next fall (b/c they only teach each class during the same semester every year so always fall for this class) well I wouldn't be able to graduate or go to graduate school without this class so needless to say I had a moment of flip out. I met with my advisor and we came up with a couple classes that I could take to replace the now not offered class. I got it all taken care of this past Monday, the day school started, and was once again totally prepared ......

And then .... I started looking into this new class which was taught online. Now I have taken some online classes and loved them and done well in them. Well this online class was on a brand new website that I had never heard of before and never seen before and I couldn't even navigate my way through it. I was working on finding all the info I needed and came across student postings ...well of the 12 student postings 4 stated this was the 2nd or 3rd time they are re-taking this class ...AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... that was all I had to say ... so once again I was back in my advisors office looking for a new class, I barely have time to take this class once let alone 2 or 3 times.

I finally got into a Gerontology class online that seems pretty good and not to difficult so we will see how that goes. Other than this horrible first couple of days all and all school is good and super interesting. I love this field and can't wait until I get to experience things more in depth with clients.

Well nothing to exciting but Jeremy and the rest of my friends and family were done listening to me complain about this issue so I decided to complain the readers (prob none but let me believe there are) of this blog. So thanks for listening!

::Las Vegas ... Party!!!!::


Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister on August 19th. She turned 21 that day and we decided to head to Vegas for the big celebration. We had a great time. There was 21 people to celebrate the 21st birthday and we played 21 all night long. It was so fun to have all the fam together and to just play and hang out with everyone. Here are just a few pics from the fun!!!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

::Its only been 4 months::

So, on April 18, 2008 Jeremy, Bryson, and Myself moved into our very first home. It is a townhouse in West Jordan and we couldn't be happier. I am writing about this b/c it has been 4 months now and I finally feel like we got ourselves moved in and the boxes moved out.
In our spare bedroom we had a desk, hope chest, and millions and millions of boxes full of loads of crap ... well with Josh and Danni's visit last weekend we finally decided we had to get that room cleaned out so we got all the boxes cleared out and all the crap thrown away and finally went to Jeremy's mom's house for the mattress and his sister's for the bed frame. Well, this was an adventure ... the room is kinda small and the bed frame was SUPER huge so needless to say it didn't fit right and poor Josh and Danni had to sleep on the mattress on the floor. Well, we ventured into the DI and Furniture Warehouse on Saturday night and got the perfect small metal bedframe to get the mattress off the floor and finally that room is all set up and so pretty. well this put me in a mood to try to organize Bryson's room and to organize my closet (I know a lot to do but I knew I could do it!)

Well, I made Jeremy get a dresser for Bryson's room and I put all his clothes in there, I tried hanging them up in the closet to make his room seem bigger but all that did was clutter up the closet and there is a reason that people don't hang up kids clothes. Anywho, we got that in there and got his closet cleaned out and some toys thrown out (GASP!!! a 6 year old who was willing to give up some stuff ... I had to promise to buy new stuff) so his room looks so nice and clean for now.

I also got our SOOOOOOOOOOOO SMALL closet semi-organized (as much as I could do I did), I don't know why I didn't get the "before" pictures but I will be posting those "after" pics soon.

I can't believe we have lived on our own in our very first home for 4 months now, can't wait to see what happens in the future, who knows maybe all the rooms will go back to how they were before!

::The Alpine Slide ... again::

Jeremy and I getting ready for the alpine coaster.

Well last week when Danni and Josh were here we drove out to Park City to go onto the Alpine Slide. We got there and it was raining so the slide was on a rain delay for a while. We spent some time walking around park city ski resort and checking things out. Well the Alpine Coaster opened up so we decided to do that first. Great times ...Anywho finally the slide opened up and we got in line and waited for 30 min. we got all the way up front and of course it started raining again. We decided to call it a day and try again another time ...well we never made it back with Josh and Danni but we kept their slide tickets to go ourselves.

This past weekend we took Bryson and my fam out there to try to get on the slide again. We made it on this time and it was so much fun. I had never experienced this before and I tell you Utahn's if this is something you haven't done before you need to do it. Bryson loved it, he rode with my dad b/c my dad wanted him to drive the sled down the mountain and of course Bryson loved that idea. My dad said he started off being very cautious just testing things out, then when we figured out he could control the speed and stop his own sled he had the time of his life. He would push it all the way forward and go really fast and then my dad said he would look at him and say "Hold on Doug ..." and all the sudden the sled would make a huge jerking stop and he would laugh like crazy. I wish Jeremy and I could have seen this that would have been great. We on the other hand raced down and of course I won b/c I am the best!! Love you Jerms!
Park City was so fun just to take a nice drive and be with the fam and ride the fabulous slide.

Thanks for a great weekend fam ...

***Side note: Sister and husband Tyler bought a super cute townhouse in South Jordan, congrats guys you will love it***
Jeremy and Bryson on their way up the lift

Mom getting ready to go down the slide, she is scared

Dad and Bryson getting ready

Jeremy just being a dork!

Monday, August 11, 2008

::A little St. Louis in Utah::

Well, our best friends Josh and his fiance Danielle came into to town this weekend for a visit from St. Louis. We miss them so much, we have not seen them since our wedding one year ago. They are getting married on October 17, 2009 and we can't be more excited for them. It was so good and nice to see them and have them stay with us this past weekend.

They came in late Thursday night so there wasn't much going on that night. They went to a wedding on Friday and when they got home we played some dance dance revolution and rock band on the Wii. Such a great Friday night.

On Saturday we drove up to Park City because we wanted to ride the Alpine slide, well we got up there and it was raining in Park City so the slide was on a rain delay, we waited about an hour before they opened the slide and the new Alpine Coaster. We started on the Alpine coaster and it was so much fun. We then got in the HUGE line for the slide, we waiting 30 minutes and got up to the very front of the line and what happens ... yep you guessed it, it rained again and we couldn't go on the slide, then we realized that I-80, the way home from Park City, closed at 4 pm and it was 4:05, so we hit gaurdsmans pass and drove the dirt road home. It was a fun adventure to say the least. We then had Josh experience his first demolition derby and it was so great to see him get so excited, who would have thought that some crashing cars would get a guy going. We then ventured out to Greenstreet for a friend's birthday party. All in all Saturday was super busy but so much fun at the same time. It was fun to share those experiences with Josh and Dani as none of us had ever done the Alpine slide or coaster before.

Sunday Jeremy and I took Marley to Memory Grove and he had so much playing with other dogs and in the little river there. We then tried to go to the Red Iguana for dinner, for those of you that don't know about this restaurant it is THE best mexican restaurant in the world. We weren't able to eat there because at 8:30 on a Sunday night in Utah there was an hour and a half wait ... what, it's Sunday in Utah people aren't supposed to be eating out. Oh well we ended up and Red Rock with the best wings ever.

Well, it's Monday and Josh and Dani just left our house, it was so sad to see them go because we never know when we will see them again as Dani is finishing up her third year at SLU law school and Josh works crazy manager hours at the OSF. They say they will be here in December so I will keep you all posted.

We already miss you guys and want you to come back really soon (Jeremy and I will also try to save money to come visit you!!!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

::It's a Boy!!!!::

We finally found him. Our new puppy Bob Marley, we call him Marley, is here. We ventured out on Saturday and fell in love and he has been with us ever since. He is the cutest puppy ever and if I can figure out this picture stuff I will get some of his pics up online for everyone to see. We have had some fun times this weekend with him only a couple potties in the house other than that he is the best dog ever. He just lays around with us and when he needs to potty he tries really hard to let us know. Bryson and Marley love each other and get along so great, it was so fun having Bryson this weekend to go out and look for puppies. They are already the best of friends.

On Sunday we went boating out to Utah lake and finally after about an hour of coaxing got Bryson to try wakeboarding. He did awesome, didn't get up but loved every minute of it (I also have pics and videos of this if I can figure it out). Jeremy and I also tried but we had no luck getting up and today our muscles are so sore and tender, I have never hurt so much in my life!

All and all it has been a great weekend and our newest adventure (Marley) is ahead of us. He starts puppy kindergarten next Tuesday so we will let you all know how that goes.