Thursday, April 30, 2009

::Bryson's Love Letters::

Yes our little 7 year old Bryson has been getting love letters! He has actually had a girl friend named Brinley for about a month now. He used to say he loved her and she loved him, he even bought her a necklace when he went to the Grand Canyon. Well yesterday I pick him up and this is our conversation:
Bryson: "So I have a new girlfriend."

Me: "You do, What is her name?"

Bryson: "I actually don't know, I found her for my friend Nathan but I decided to keep her myself."

(at this point I am laughing and trying to explain that this poor girl is not a toy he found and just take back)

Me: "Well what about Brinley?"

Bryson: "I don't love her any more." (So simple I know)

Me: "Well does she know you don't love her any more?"

Bryson: "Yeah I told her today."

Me: "What did she say?"

Bryson: "She said that I hurt her feelings and it wasn't fair." (So sad, poor girl in first grade with her first heart break)

Me: "Well at least you were honest and told the truth I am proud of you. Now tomorrow I want you to find out your new girlfriend's name."

(A little time has passed and I notice dark spots on his shirt so of course I ask what that is)

Bryson: "Well, member I said I found her for Nathan and then took her back?"

Me: "Yeah" (question marks in my eyes)

Bryson: "Well, Nathan got mad that I took her back so he punched me, but it's ok I got to sit in the office until school got over and me and Nathan are still friends."

Me: "Ok, well I'm glad you are friends but no more fighting ok."

(This is the second fight he has gotten in this week over a girl, the first one was over Brinley and now this fight over the unnamed girl)
What to do What to do!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

::The dog I love, but not always::

This dog will be the death of me. I love him to death and 95% of the time he is the BEST dog ever. He is so good and minds us and takes really good care of Bryson, but some days I come home from work and find a mess. Marley stays in the garage while we are gone (if you wonder about this see the post titled "Dumb Dog" and that will explain it all) and we have started noticing he is chewing, clawing, and literally tearing up the drywall in there. Take a look at these pics...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

::Baseball Season has begun::

Bryson FINALLY had his first baseball game on Friday night. His baseball season was supposed to start on April 3rd but because of the wonderful Utah weather we of course had snow!
Anyway, he did awesome and had a blast. I love baseball season, sitting at the ball park in the nice warm sun what could be better. Hopefully it just continues to get warmer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

::Cocoa Cinnamon Princess::

Our best friend Cocoa moved on to doggy heaven today! Cocoa was born on October 29, 1995 and came into my parents home on December 25, 1995. She has been our best friend in the whole world and will be greatly missed.

Cocoa was, in human years, 100 years old so it was her time to move on but just such a sad day. I got a call from my dad today at 3:30 pm he had already been at the vet for an hour with Cocoa. The vet took an x-ray of Cocoa because she went from 80 pounds to 54 pounds and was not eating, in the x-ray they found 2 very large masses that they are assuming were cancer and we knew that it was time for Cocoa to go. I got to go to the vet's office to say my good byes before she moved on. I just wanted to say how much I love her and how much I am going to miss her!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

::WTW - 2009::

Well, my birthday was on Saturday April 4th! I loved it and had the best time in the whole world! It all started on Friday when my family took me to dinner to Tepanyaki! Love that place. Jeremy got me the roses up above and had them sent to my work on Friday. I loved it and was so surprised!
On my birthday my friends Jenn, Chandra and sister Chelle all went to Falling Water's Day Spa to get ourselves some Glitter Toes. If you have never heard of this or done this you should. It is awesome. I found out about it from my friend Rachel who is actually a nail tech at the day spa! Everyone should call and make and appointment. We tried to show them off but it didn't work out very well but take my word for it they are awesome!
Saturday evening was the BEST birthday party I have ever had! Jenn did a great job planning it for me! It was our very own WTW! (white trash weekend)! We started off the night at 5 pm by having "arts and crafts" time. Our friend Jeff made some great stencils and bought spray paint and we made our very own WTW shirts.

Here is our stencil that Jeff created for WTW. It says "White Trash Weekend" and has a picture of a trailer on it! It was so great!

My cutest bestest friend Jenn in her WTW shirt. She was the party planner and was the best party planner ever. She will be planning my b-day parties for the rest of my life!!!

After arts and crafts time was over we headed to La Luna for mexican food! It was so much fun. My mom, sister, Tyler and great friend Krystal showed up for dinner. I was so glad to see them all there!Once we finished dinner our plan was to head to All Star Lanes for some good ol' bowling but when we called them they wouldn't take reservations and it was an hour wait so unfortunately we weren't able to go bowling but some of us did end up at gasoline alley for some arcade fun! I forgot how much fun an arcade to be. It was so much fun to just be a kid again!

Me and Jeremy after I beat him at a race car game!
Here is Jenn and I playing Dance Dance Revolution. This game was so much fun and obviously you can see just how much Jenn got into it!

Once we were done playing at Gasoline Alley we headed to the Westerner from some good ol' country dancing fun! I have to say this is one of my new favorite places ever. They have so much to offer! You can reserve a table by the dance floor so you can watch the dancing and also participate in the dancing and they also have Karaoke Kriminals (Yes they spell criminal with a K). I loved every minute of it! Pretty much everyone sang at least on karaoke song, even my husband and I never thought I would see the day that would happen!

Here is me and our friend Steve doing some swing dancing on the dance floor. We for sure put the other's on the floor to shame because we are that awesome! (sorry such a bad picture)
Here is Dan, Jeremy and Derek being silly and listening to some Karaoke fun!

Here is Jenn and I singing Deana Carter "Strawberry Wine" I loved it and so did every one else (when we were finished) I knew that I sucked at singing but actually listening to myself in a microphone in a small room I pretty muched sounded like a dying cow! It was really sad but still really fun and I would probably do it again!

Here is my husband and Dan singing to me! They were just awesome!

Well, these are just some of the pictures that were taken! I think all in all we took about 75 pictures but I didn't want a huge post of all pics so I just picked a few of my favorites! Sorry this post was so long but I just wanted to remember every detail of this birthday! I can't believe I am 26 years old. I still feel like an 18 year old which I love!