Monday, July 26, 2010

::A Third Grader ... REALLY??::

I can't believe that B is already in third grade. He is getting so big ... pretty soon there will be a picture of him going off to college :(

He has Miss Stout for third grade C track and he was very excited to have a Miss and not a Mrs ... he thinks a Miss will be nicer than a Mrs so we shall see!



I swear we have the only dog around that doesn't know how to swim!

::Summer o Fun 2010::

So far our summer has been full of fun times! We've done nothing but lay around in the pool with our family and friends and nothing could be better. B is rarely ever still enough for me to capture a picture but for some reason this day he was!We took Marley on a small 4.5 mile hike up Millcreek to Dog Lake ... it was rough but he sure loved making it and playing in the lake.I think we have the only dog that can't really swim ... he pretty much drowns himself and his butt sinks in the water!
We have also gone to some Bees games which is something we really love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

::4th of July Weekend::

I love 3 day weekends!

We went to Oakley for our yearly traditional Oakley Rodeo but this year my uncle Dennis allowed us use of his cabin so we could spend the whole weekend up there!

We left Friday evening after work and headed to Oakley, once we got to the cabin we found a trampoline and me, Chelle, and B had a great time jumping and trying (and failing in my case) to do all those fun tricks we used to do as kids!
The pic above is me trying to "high bounce" B we struggled at first but we finally got it and he flew! The pic below is my silly sister and her static hair from all her fun on the tramp!After our night of fun on the tramp we woke up Saturday morning and went on a very long very fun 4 wheeler ride! I rode on the back of Jeremy and everyone else had their own machines. B was amazing at riding his machine that kid is a natural!
Just some fun times during the ride, probably dangerous but who cares it was just us on the trail!
Every year around this time we head up to Oakley for the wonderfully fabulous Oakley Rodeo. We have a BBQ with some peeps my dad knows and then walk to the rodeo for some good times. The Oakley rodeo is on the pro circuit so it is one AMAZING rodeo. These men and women do a phenominal job at their profession. Here is Jeremy and I having some Rodeo fun (the kid in the background is part of our large group of people he was funny!)
Here is me and B havin some Rodeo fun, his favorite part is the bull riding.
Here is the rodeo clown, now normally I love these guys and find them pretty funny but this clown really struggled and WAS NOT at all entertaining. There were points I was hoping he just wouldn't talk. The pic below is the only thing that B and I found funny, he came out with antlers on his horse and i am not sure if it was boredom or what but B and i could not stop laughing at this poor horse!After the rodeo we got back to the cabin and discovered that the trap B had set earlier in the day had a little friend waiting for us. He was pretty cute and we let him go back to his little family. B also caught another one the next morning, he was in heaven with the fact that the trap actually worked!And I always get one of these lovely pics with B on our way home from any vacation. He always always ALWAYS runs his poor little body ragged and sleeps very little while having fun on vacation so this is how we find him shortly after we hit the road. I think his record is the truck starts to go home and he is out. Silly kid!
We got home Sunday the 4th and took much needed showers, headed to OG for some delicious dinner and then we went and saw the movie Grown Ups (if you haven't seen it DON'T) after the movie we headed back to our place to light our fireworks. I have no pictures because Utah fireworks are boring and the fact that we spent $30 for 10 minutes of mini explosions (if you can call them that) pissed me off so I had a bad attitude and wouldn't take any pictures.
On Monday the 5th we all had the day off work so B, Chull and I went to the first showing of Eclipse, SOOO GOOD BTW, and then we headed to my parents for some swimming and relaxing time! It was a fun and very relaxing holiday which is what I love about three day weekends! I hope all of you guys enjoyed your holidays too!