Friday, August 19, 2011

:: Disneyland - 2011 ::

disney is so fun with kiddos especially kiddos who have never been but have been talking about wanting to go to disney since she was about 2.5-3 years old. diva loved it and couldn't stop talking about it and getting excited for it. i took tons and millions of pictures but here are just a few of them because this post was started back in august and i am just now getting the gumption to actually finish it!
before we left the house ... girl was stoked!
her most favorite part (and the longest line ever) princess fantasy land!

she was too into the shooting to actually look at the camera

first thing she spotted and loved!
he really did have a good time i promise!

we love the rides!
he was tired
waiting in line with doug for his favorite ride of all time ... it's a small world after all!

my most favorite ride ... dumbo!
diva's first ride

he was so not happy when we walked into the happiest place on earth
on the tram on the way in to disney ... can you tell just how excited she was to begin this adventure!!

we had such a great time showing diva all around the magical kingdom even B snapped out of his bad attitude and we had a great (full) day of fun!

::California - 2011::

Well ... we made the drive the Cali with 2 kiddos and 4 adults on friday august 10. we left at 5 pm and arrived in vegas at midnight! it was a fun first half drive and the kids were amazing. we only had one argument and it wasn't even a big one!
Saturday we left vegas at 8 am and arrived at our destination in oceanside, california at 1:30 pm ... we found our amazing beach house and then we found ... THE BEACH!

we had a great first couple days in cali ... jeremy couldn't come until monday evening so i was a single mom for 4 days and let me tell you it was rough but so much fun! we had a great time!
on our first night we walked the beach back from dinner and hunted for some awesome sea shells!
here's the kids and i at Oceanside Harbor.
on our first real day/morning the kids and i woke up and went down to the beach for some exploring in our pjs. B caught a huge fish and was a happy camper the rest of the day!
diva was just happy to be out of the car!
our first beach day the crew below did some major boogie boarding while diva and i took a short (ok super long) nap!
The first night we went out to our very own camp fire and had some delicious s'mores ... dad was very tired!
the cookie s'mores were AMAZING!

before we left for california the 12 of us drew names for dinner crews and of course krystina, chelle, and i got stuck on a team together (the three who don't cook at all) the above pic is us getting ready to head to 2 different markets on our bikes to get the dinner stuff for an amazing dinner.
the below pic is what we decided to make for dinner! hahaha just kidding ... we did make salad, pasta, and garlic bread with cookies for dessert. it was amazing. we brought the banquet dinner back as a joke b/c everyone was pretty concerned with what we would be making!
i have taken like 500 pics of cali but lets face it .. no one want to see that many pics all at one time ... next up The Diva's first Disney experience!

Monday, August 8, 2011

:: Day of Love ::

happy wedding day (finally) to the Trout's (or as i like to call them the fell-trouts)

one of my great friends got married in PC over the weekend and the wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

i met jenn at school when i decided to go back and get my degree in CSD. i invited her and CT out for halloween 4 years ago because i knew they had just moved to UT and didn't know anyone. we all had a great time and became fast and (in my mind) best friends.

i have been waiting for this special day and it was so fun to meet all of their family and friends from iowa and minnesota (where they are from) as i have heard so much about all of them.
my husband loves all the pictures i take!
the bowles' fam ... to bad i look HUGE AND FAT in this picture (are you kidding???)
the trout's first dance as husband and wife!

love you trouts welcome the married club!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

:: one week ::

one more week exactly and i will be looking at this view for 7 whole days.

spending some much needed time away from the books, the computer, the clinic, classes, and work and spending some much needed time with the fam and the friends of the fam that i grew up with. we are taking both the littles and i can't wait.

b is counting down the time and is so mad we still have 7 full days to wait but trust me when i tell you it will fly by and before we know it we will be beginning our adventure to beautiful oceanside california!

we have a fun week planned filled with exciting stuff and relaxing stuff and i can't wait to share it with everyone (or someone other than me who actually still reads this boring blog!)

here's to the fastest 7 days of my life!