Thursday, June 14, 2012

:: tans - 2 - u ::

some of you may know and some of you may not (let's be honest if anyone even still reads this blog then you probably know!) but the tanning salon i worked at since i was 16 years old had to close its doors in december 2011. it was hard and it was sad as that place was a HUGE part of my life. but i have taken some of that place with me. i started my own mobile airbrush spray tanning business and i am loving it!

it has been pretty successful if i do say so myself. and better yet, it is really fun and i love doing it. 

over the past couple months no matter who i spray i hear the phrase 'tan fat is better than white fat'
i laugh every time i hear it because it is so true. plus being tan just makes a person feel better in my personal opinion. 

this picture is my leg against bryson's following a spray tan! 

i share this with anyone that still reads this blog because i am hoping this business stays successful because it makes me so happy! so go to my website:
find me on Facebook: tans - 2 - u
or find me on twitter: @TANS2USpray
or just call me, text me, or email me for questions, comments, concerns, or better yet your next appointment!!!!