Wednesday, March 21, 2012

:: 2012 thus far ::

well, it has been a very long time since i have blogged anything and i don't believe that anything blog worthy has happened since december until yesterday but let's see if i can do my best to recall the events of the past couple of months.

i began my first externship with st. mark's hospital and i LOVED it so much. i signed up to complete a medical externship only because i had never worked in the medical side and wanted to determine if it was something i was interested in at all. i can't believe how much i loved it and how much i learned throughout my 10 weeks there. it turns out the people i worked with actually loved me too because they offered me a job that i will get paid for and i start that on june 4, 2012.

i started my last and final class of my graduate education. it was so hard to stay motivated and actually go to class and study but i did it and my very last test took place yesterday.

i took the biggest test of my graduate career, really it's the only test that matters. if it didn't pass this test i wouldn't be able to graduate or work. i am proud and thankful to say that i did pass this test and it was a huge relief once those scores came in the mail (p.s. who still takes paper/pencil tests and has to wait 6-8 weeks for their scores to come through???)

the tanning salon that was helping to pay some of our bills and that i have worked for since i was 16 years old had to close its doors in december and it was a bittersweet day. let me tell you, it has been nice having nights and weekends off but it has also been hard not having that extra money, not having that uninterrupted study time, and not having free tanning (i believe that was the hardest thing for me to get used to)

jeremy and bryson lived their lives around my craziness and that is all that i remember about them (i know so horrible and negative :( )

i celebrated valentines day with my sister, my mom, my aunts, grams, and my cousin along with Lady A and it was a blast. jeremy and i don't usually do anything for v-day so it was so fun to have a girls night out with dinner and a wonderful concert.

other than that i have no idea what happened in february!

i finished my externship at st. mark's hospital and began my second externship with park lane elementary. i have been at the elementary for 1 week and i am loving being back at a school and working with the kiddos again, however, i am missing my time at the hospital and i am very excited to be working there in june.

on 3/20/12 it was the first day of spring but it was the BEST day of my graduate education. why you ask ... because that was the day i took my very last test of graduate school. it was so hard to study for this exam but i did and i went and i do believe that i passed with flying colors. it was such a nice feeling walking out of the room and knowing that i don't have to ever go back there, i don't have to buy books, register for school, study, do homework, or anything related to school!!

i do believe this is where we are currently. i know that was so exciting. i am hoping that we become more active now that i am out of school, have nights and weekends off, and have time to spend with my boys!

our family has a lot of super fun things coming up that we are looking forward to in the near future!
5/3/12: you can call me master
5/5/12: margarita mexican fiesta celebration
6/4/12: begin my first paid job with st. marks hospital
6/9/12: 5 fabulous years of marriage celebrated in vegas with GARTH BROOKS
6/22/12: my sister is wedding her best friend

i do believe that is enough bragging about all our fun stuff coming up.

sorry no pics right now because i have no idea where they are!

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