Tuesday, December 27, 2011

:: christmas scavenger hunt ::

this year to make christmas morning last a little longer santa left B a note and designed a super fun scavenger hunt that he had to read each clue and go find his present. he wasn't feeling super great but said he had so much fun going 'hunting' for his gifts this year so i am sure this will be a very fun tradition that we will continue.

Merry Christmas Bryson,

I hope you had a good morning at your mom’s I had fun over there eating the cookies you and Kira made for me.

At your dad’s and Cherise’s I have made a game for you. You have to figure out the clues I have left in order to find your presents. Your first gift and your first clue are right inside this door.

Merry Christmas to you, I hope you enjoy your Christmas. You are one lucky kid to have all of these people who love you and make sure you have a Merry Christmas. Remember I am always watching, as is Oscar!

1. Roses are red; violets are blue … if I had a cookie I would have made it for you.

2. Star light; star bright … I get scared in the dark so I’m thankful for your light.

3. I came to your house and boy I was itchin … I needed a drink from the kitchen.

4. I love something fancy, but not so much plush … but don’t be embarrassed or you might get flushed.

5. Earlier today you saw me in Fiji … don’t forget to use your squidgy.

6. Don’t you even worry I am not cheap … I came in your house and watched Marley sleep.

7. It’s a good thing you were not mean … I had to get my Speedo very clean.

8. It’s a good thing Marley didn’t bark … when I went to the place where the Cavararri is parked.

9. All year long you were oh so nice … so I didn’t have to give you any black ice.

10.It’s a good thing I am a sprinter … to make this I had to use your printer.

11. After all of this hiding I wanted to sit … so I decided to go and take a sh -poop!

12. After all of my travels my suit looked a little rough … so I decided to give it a short fluff.

13. A tisket a tasket … I found a blanket in your basket.

14. I’ve had so much fun here and I hope I granted your wishes … I have one last surprise, Sherman eats kisses!

my dad bought B a TV for his room at our house ... in order to find his TV B had to go on yet another scavenger hunt that my dad designed!

hey lemonhead it's christmas morning and you have to earn your gifts so go look where you might drop a chunky!

good job dude, now can you remember where mike and ike's live?

ok man you are one step closer, if i were you i would check out the milky way.

now you are one step closer to a good n' plenty check out where dishes are cleaned.

ok now there might be just one last chance to skor big. if i was you i would go to reese's very 1st bedroom.

and in this bedroom was sitting his extra large 40 inch television! spoiled much i sure think so!

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